Hello there!
Glad you’re here, if you’re here this means you’re interested in knowing more about who I am and what I do. I appreciate your interest in me.


This is me >.<This is me >.<

My name is Florian (Flo), but you have seen that my username is Krypton. You might ask yourself: “But why this name?”. Well the answer is really simple. When I was searching for a username I was in chemistry class using the periodic table. My favorite number is 36, so I decided to look at which element has this atomic number. After looking, it turned out that Krypton had this atomic number, and I found this name good. So I took it :)

My, by far, favorite hobbies are coding, free riding and reverse engineering (still learning every day more). You might have seen from the picture above that I like free riding, I sometimes upload videos when I have had an amazing day.


I started coding when I was around 11 years old, learned the very basics of Python but nothing much more. When I was around 14 years old I interested myself much more into programming and hacking (see section below). I’ve realized how creative and free you are when you want to do something, which ended up in me loving it. I kept learning Python and using it, and also started learning new languages such as Go, C#, Java, PHP, etc. And here I am now, a developer that loves security and that does open source projects.


Edward Snowden talking at the 36C3 conferenceEdward Snowden talking at the 36C3 conference

Hacking; that’s a big word for what I do… When I was younger I was amazed by how people could hack a website, a database or simply leak some private documents. After some time I started giving more attention on what kind of tools are being used to do similar things. I soon realized it wasn’t as easy as expected… And this is exactly why I started to learn Reverse Engineering back in 2020. I haven’t really spend an enormous amount of time on learning it, but I definitely want to learn even more about this in a near future. Learning all of this brought me to the conclusion that this would be my career path, such as being a security engineer. I attended the Insomni’hack Conference (2016) in Geneva (Switzerland) and the 35C3 & 36C6 conference (2018 & 2019) in Leipzig (Germany).

Languages Knowledge

It’s hard to estimate the knowledge you have on a language, I tried my best but this might not reflect the reality

SQL:    90%
Python: 85%
PHP:    80%
Java:   80%
Go:     70%
C#:     60%
C:      25%

Coding & Reverse Engineering Laboratory

Do you see that cute little Gopher looking at you? >.<Do you see that cute little Gopher looking at you? >.<

I have a very basic coding setup that I really like, here are some of the most important things:

Communication Applications

Content Creation


I use the Material Theme plugin on all the IDEs of the JetBrains collection with the theme Deep Ocean.

Operating System

  • Accent Color: #9C84EF (the purple color, my favorite color; also used on this website)
  • Mode: Dark (I take care of my eyes)
  • Operating System: Windows 11 (with WSL using Ubuntu)


Reverse Engineering Tools

  • Cutter - Basic Reverse Engineering tool (GUI version of radare2)
  • gdb - Used it in one of my videos
  • Ghidra - A tool made by the NSA that I still haven’t managed to understand how it really works…
  • IDA Freeware - Basic Reverse Engineering tool
  • radare2 - The first tool I’ve ever used
  • x64/x32dgb - Debugging applications live (never really used it)
  • Windows Sandbox - Basically to run some malware’s and see how they work

There’s pretty much nothing else to say about me, so I will stop writing here :)

Hopefully you will enjoy my future projects and stay in touch with me. Do not hesitate to contact me via email, Discord or wherever you want (see “Find me on…”) if you have any questions.

~ Krypton